Small Gardens, Big Ideas

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The following selection of small garden designs serve as proof that small urban gardens, backyards or even balconies can have as big an impact as a large outdoor space. From narrow city balconies to paved backyards, these designs provide some great ideas for small gardens.


  1. Small balcony with a bamboo shelter

    Balcony with Bamboo shelter and metal furniture

  2. Backyard with a pond and wall fountains Backyard with water features and ornaments

  3. Colourful Back Garden with built in benches. garden with built in benches and colourful cushions

  4. Back Garden with a furniture set in the middle.Small Furniture Set in the Centre of a Backyard

  5. Minimally designed city garden.Small urban Garden with grass accents

  6. Stone landscaping garden.Small garden with a Firepit

  7. Pretty small urban backyard.Modern urban Backyard with flowers in pots

  8. Rustic decor for this yard.small yard with rustic decor

  9. Multi-level landscape.small garden with built in Benches and planter boxes

  10. Cosy corner by the pool.Small Garden with Furniture by the pool

  11. Back garden with patio and a pool.

    Small Garden with a pool

  12. Raised garden decking.Garden with a deck

  13. Small garden with a trellis and planters.Urban Garden with Trellis and Rattan Furniture

  14. Large fire pit in a small garden.Large Firepit in a Small Garden

  15. Chic back garden.Garden with a Shed

  16. Decked patio retreat. Wood Furniture in a Small front Garden

  17. Tropical landscape design. tropical small garden with trees and a pond

  18. Backyard with grass & vertical gardens. Vertical Gardens and Bold Furniture in a city Garden

  19. Petite city balcony.

    Small Outdoor Space designed by Ashe Leonardo

  20. Small Bohemian Garden.Bohemian garden

  21. Sheltered autumnal garden.Modern garden design with built in benches and a fire pit



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One Comment on “Small Gardens, Big Ideas

  1. Great pics, I love gardens 4 and 5, I like 4 because it’s really pretty and I do like plants/flowers, but I also like modern contemporary and garden 5 is really chic clean. I think its key with small spaces to not overload with accessories and planting. As shown above there are often a couple of key features like a garden furniture set or a water fountain or fire pit and then minimalist accessories. For low maintenance and big impact an ideal solution is to use furniture/accessories to add colour and serve a purpose, rather than trying to plant and add lots of flower beds too. Pots are fab as you can have just one or a while cluster and they can be moved around to suit. Horizontal wall planters are becoming trendy and these obviously add colour and style, without taking up space :O)

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