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Luxury Outdoor Furniture by Bridgman

Bridgman garden furniture has become well known throughout Europe and Worldwide for its style, comfort and quality. Using some of the world’s finest materials and skilled workers we have designed unique ranges of luxury garden furniture that will stand the test of time.

Our dedication to quality ensures that Bridgman garden furniture is extremely durable, allowing us to offer extended product guarantees on all of our garden furniture. We also pride ourselves on our huge range of traditional and contemporary garden furniture, as well as our expert advice and customer care.

So why not compare hundreds of luxury garden furniture sets on our website or visit our garden furniture shop in London.


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Mayfair Round Dining Table - 170cm, with 10 Mayfair dining chairs

From: £1,749.00

Mayfair Oval Dining Table - 230cm & 10 Mayfair Dining Chairs

From: £1,799.00

10 seater Mayfair rattan garden furniture set

From: £1,899.00

Mayfair Oval Dining Table - 230cm & 12 Mayfair Dining Chairs

From: £2,049.00

Mayfair Oval Dining Table - 230cm & 10 Mayfair Dining Armchairs

From: £2,199.00

220cm Sussex Dining Table with 2 Sussex Dining Armchairs & 8 Sussex Dining Chairs - Soft White
10 Seater Rattan furniture set from our exclusive All Seasons collection
270cm Bali Oval Table with 2 Ohio Dining Armchairs & 8 Dining Chairs

From: £3,699.00

12 seater luxury rattan garden furniture set
Sussex Oval Table - 270cm, 2 Sussex Dining Armchairs & 10 Dining Chairs - Soft White
12 seater luxury Rattan garden furniture set - ideal for parties

From: £4,149.00


11 items

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