Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture

The UK's Finest Rattan Furniture for your Garden or Conservatory

Imagine yourself sitting in the summer sun, taking time to relax with friends and family. Now picture yourself enjoying the garden with your feet up – care free.

At Bridgman we appreciate the importance of these special moments. This is why we design Europe’s most luxurious rattan garden furniture - furniture that is completely maintenance free and guaranteed to last a lifetime. A combination of the best materials and most advanced production techniques ensures Bridgman rattan furniture is maintenance free, resistant to extremes of UV, heat, cold, chlorine and salt water – and above all else – comfortable.

For more information please see our rattan garden furniture buying guide, visit our garden furniture shop, or call us on 020 8804 7474.

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All Seasons

Bridgman All Seasons rattan furniture is second to none in terms of style, comfort and durability. It combines meticulous hand weaving with inspirational design and sumptuous cushions to create a range of quality rattan garden furniture.

Choose between 10 different weaves each unique in colour and style. Combine this with a 10 year guarantee and you’ve got a range of rattan furniture we call All Seasons.


Wickerline is an attractive, competitively priced range of rattan garden furniture which offers fantastic value for money. It is designed to be stylish and comfortable whilst not compromising on durability.

Wickerline rattan garden furniture is maintenance free and benefits from a 3 year guarantee.

Rattan Outdoor Furniture with waterproof cushions

We have developed an exclusive range of waterproof cushions to match which are available on the All Seasons Pure range and All Seasons Bronze modular range. These sumptuous cushions are waterproof, highly stain resistant and exclusive to Bridgman. For further information please see www.bridgman.co.uk/waterproof-cushions.

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How Rattan Garden Furniture is Made

All Bridgman rattan furniture is hand woven by expert weavers. Wicker weaving is a highly skilled process that takes several years to learn and many more to master. To ensure exceptional quality we only work with the most experienced weavers from around the world. The furniture frames are made from powder coated aluminium ensuring that they can remain outdoors 365 days a year. A synthetic rattan fibre – highly resistant to UV, salt water, chlorine and extreme temperatures - is then hand woven onto the frames. The weaving of the Ohio dining armchair in the video takes around 6 hours to complete and the furniture will last a lifetime.

Want to Learn More About Rattan Garden Furniture?

'Toy Story' by Bridgman

The story began with a kid's old cane chair that really needed a makeover. We decided to turn it into a totally new one that both children and adults would love: a Toy Story Chair! The process was quite easy and can be replicated for any type of chair. If you are tired of your old furniture, it's now time to bring it back to life with this method.

We started by cleaning, sanding and painting the chair white. Then the real makeover began. We painted the sides in green & purple to represent Buzz Lightyear. For Woody, we needed to represent a cowboy on the front of the chair. The first steps were to cut and glue napkins to make patterns. We chose a Red bandana & Blue jeans. For the shirt, we simply used Yellow napkins and Red Washi tape to make the stripes. We also used black paint for a cow waistcoat. And we ended by painting the hat & the belt in Brown.

The result is a brand new colourful kid's chair that can be used as a chair or just left as an ornament for the house.

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