5 Things to do on a Rainy Summer Day

Rain in the middle of summer is a common phenomenon in UK. Whether it is pour or heavy, hot or cold, a summer rain encourages you to spend the whole day at home either alone or with your loved ones. Below you will find some rain-inspired activities you can do while staying at home.

Bake Something 

gluten-free brownies with roasted berriesIf you are a beginner look for an easy and quick recipe to do. Otherwise, if you really enjoy cooking try something more ambitious. For both cooker types, trust me, I know a dessert recipe that will blow your mind. Try gluten-free brownies with roasted berries.

Craft Something

DIY Rain BarrelGet inspired by the rain outside and come up with something really useful. When researching DIY projects I came across this rain barrel idea which will help you collect rainwater that you can use afterwards to water garden, wash cars or even fill birdbaths and ponds.

Have Fun with the Kids

Rain-Painting with the KidsOnce again let your imagination run wild and create a “Rain-Painting” competition for the kids. Alternately, a less messy game would be an indoor treasure-hunt.

Host a Movie Marathon

make the day a movie marathon at homeWatch back to back all-time classic movies like “Singing in the Rain”, “Casablanca” or “The notebook”. Sequels such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Harry Potter also help pass those rainy days. (Don’t forget the home-made popcorn).

Have a Long Glow in the Dark Bubble Bath

Glow in the dark bubble bathYes, the day you can relax in your bath tub for more than an hour is finally here. Make it more interesting by throwing some Glow in the Dark sticks in the filled tub. Enjoy!


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