6 Inspirational Gardening & Garden Design Blogs


The internet is a wonderful place to find inspiration for your garden, and whether you’re planning on venturing out into the garden or are stuck inside due to bad weather, spending a few minutes perusing the web with a cup of tea can uncover some fantastic garden design blogs. There are some great blogs which have tips, tricks and garden design ideas that you could use in your own space. And if you only have the chance to read a few, here are six great reads which will inspire you to get out and start designing your perfect outdoor living area.


1. Fennel and Fern

garden design blog fennel and fern

Fennel and Fern is one of the UK’s top blogs and gardening websites, and you’ll find more than enough here to keep you occupied. The blog is updated most days with inspirational garden design ideas, new plants which have become available, or even the chance to enter competitions. Fennel and Fern also have a growing advice section, a daily photo blog and links to beautiful gardens around the country. Their photography is sublime, and you’ll come away looking forward to popping back each morning for your inspirational read. Keep updated by following on @FennelandFern.


2. Potting Up


Potting Up is one of the great garden design blogs written by Whichford Pottery gardener Harriet Rycroft (@HarrietRycroft). Whichford Pottery is a family run business which creates a beautiful range of ornamental and vegetable garden pots. Harriet brings pot planting to life by showing how to create inspiring designs with additional tips, tricks and plant lists. It’s a great blog to peruse even if you don’t have a garden as you can always utilise container gardening on your balcony, porch or doorstep.


3. The Guide to Gay Gardening

Gardening and garden design blog

Suburban gardener Geoff Wakeling (@GeoffWakeling) is a London gardener whose blog offers a range of plant picks, allotment design ideas and garden design ideas. Working within a small garden himself, he’s a self confessed plant geek who likes to hoard as many specimens as possible. There’s plenty of advice on encouraging native creatures into your garden, and you’ll find that wildlife gardening and designing without breaking the bank are two key ideas here.


4. Guardian Gardening

garden design blog guardian gardens

The Guardian (@guardiangardens) offers an inspiring gardening blog on their website covering a variety of topics, and because it’s written by a range of gardeners, there’s always something of interest for everyone. Gardening expert Alys Fowler (@AlysFowler) has a great ‘Ask Alys’ section if you’re needing advice, whilst Jane Perrone (@janeperrone) offers inspiring tips and guides for organic gardening and the latest in garden news.


5. Laetitia Maklouf; Grow, Love, Live

Laetitia Maklouf


If you’re looking to find a creative, innovative and inspiring read, then Laetitia Maklouf is a fantastic blog. Laetitia (@LaetitiaMaklouf) has a knack for offering something knew to the gardening design scene, and whether you love her heathers in teacups or her blog posts on plant colour, she’ll easily be able to inspire you to try something a little avant-garde and new in your own garden space.


6. Garden Beet

garden design blog garden beet

Garden accessory company Garden Beet offer a great blog if you’re looking for some design tips. Whether you want specifics on garden design ideas, or simply want some inspiration to help formulate a new design for your own space, Garden Beet (@GardenBeet) have a number of good reads. If a living wall is on your wish-list or you want to peruse interesting ideas such as using your front garden as a play space, Garden Beet has some thought provoking and interesting articles.



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