Amazing Christmas Lights

After seeing the man in Australia who decorated the outside of his house with over 1 million light bulbs, I started to look at other Amazing Christmas Lights.  I do think that Mr Richards,  who used 502,165 light bulbs for his display at home  last year will be hard to beat. He had over 75,000 visitors to look at the lights last year – which really snarled up the traffic and made it difficult for him and his family to get out and do their Christmas shopping.


He did take up the challenge himself this year and got into the Guinness Book of World Records by using 75 miles of multicoloured wire to decorate a Canberra Mall with electricity donated by the local power company.  He is using 1,194,380 bulbs which incidentally has beaten the previous world record and  is now in the Guinness Book of Records.

Having watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on TV this Christmas I did think about decorating the house myself – but  decided to limit my decorating to looking online. Here are some  Christmas Lights that I have found.    I wouldn’t like to be paying the electricity bill!







I wouldn’t want to pack these lights away for next year either!  Watch out for my Storing Christmas Decorations blog coming soon.


Image 1     Canberra Christmas lights 

Image 2   Colourful roof

Image 3  Noel

Image 4  Christmas House


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