10 Astonishingly Artistic Furniture Designs

On one hand there are Furniture Designers. On the other there are Artists.
While the first ones create pieces to embellish your home and to be used in your everyday life, Artists seem to focus more on the aesthetic aspect of a piece.
Like it or not, it’s how it works…unless there is a so called in-between category. At some point, Furniture meets Art and Art meets Furniture.

I am glad to present my Top 10 of Artistic Furniture I’ve spotted online, whether they can be used or not. Keep your eyes wide open and enjoy these artistic performances!


1. Galloping Tables


By creating these Galloping Tables, Chul An Kwak, a young korean designer, wanted to inject dynamic emotion into his work. These tables give an impression of motion, but you can still use the flat surface as you would do with a common table.


2. ‘Stuhlhockerbank’

Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz Stuhlhockerbank

This unusual piece of furniture is one of a series of seating for public spaces. The designers Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz wanted to go beyond the pure purposiveness of a piece of furniture. Based on old and traditional furniture style, all elements are familiar but displayed in a way that enhanced a highly creative and poetic dimension.


3. ‘SEAT Pavilion’

SEAT E/B Office

Designed by the architects E/B Office, ‘SEAT Pavilion’ was exposed in Atlanta, Georgia (US) in 2012. The 400 wooden chairs are connected to each other via simple lag bolts, clamps, and screws that are hidden from public view. According to the architects, “It’s intended to be legible and readable as a collection of individual seats, but when approached, visitors realize that sitting down in any one of them amounts to a deliberate act of occupation one can’t take for granted as usual; a temporary social contract to redefine their perception of sitting embodied as architecture”.


4. Avoid Conversation Dining Table


When some people enjoy sharing meals with loved ones, it’s more a chore for others. If you’re in this situation, Michael Beitz may have the right solution for you with his “Avoid Conversation Dining Table”. Using many supports from drawings to sculptures, he wants “to use furniture design itself to discuss and interpret [his] own interpersonal relationships”.


5. In The Wood

artistic furniture chairs

British designer Karen Ryan is one of those who rise against overconsumption and waste. In March 2009, she presented her work in progress “In the Wood” made from unwanted objects she found in her city, Portsmouth. That’s how her creativity works: make something new – as she is a designer and love to create – even if it is from something old.


6. Spaghetti Bench


Franco-Argentinian Artist Pablo Reinoso started the series “Spaghetti Bench” in 2006. Exploring the seat as an object, public benches were his source of inspiration. The idea is simple but it’s so powerful that you just cannot not feel anything by watching the wood that frees itself and pursues his fate after having accomplished its task as furniture.


7. Garden Furniture


When speaking of Garden Furniture, you probably understand furniture to put in your garden. Artist Kevin Hunt took it literally and created furniture made of garden. He wanted to use in his work both permanent and ephemeral materials. Each piece of the series is first covered with growing base for the greenery, and with time going by, the construction goes beyond the control of the artist.


8. Wardrobe?


Belgium Artist Hannes Van Severen is one of those who deprives the object of its original functionality and allows its aesthetic value to prevail. He usually starts with an everyday piece of furniture which he transforms in an intriguing new object. By creating, he wants us “to break down our recognition, to question the obviousness of our reality, and to show us the absurdity that surrounds us”.


9. Przelany


That armchair, aptly named (poured out in Polish), is really appealing with its chocolate colour. The perfect design and form of the liquid pouring out make us believe that the armchair is only digital…but I can assure you, it’s real! With this new piece created in 2013, the Polish design studio Wamhouse continues its successful series of furniture inspired by food.


10. Loopy Lounger


Composed of 3 UK designers, Sixixis is known for its wooden furniture. The designers want to use sustainable use locally-sourced products while exploring the creative possibilities of bent wood. This “Chaise Lounge No. 4” fits the curves of your body and seems to be really comfortable for a little nap, according to the picture. But I’d advise you try it in order to judge!


I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I did researching it. All of the pieces are so different that’s it’s difficult for me to choose my favourite. Do you have a favourite? Would any of these fit in your home?


Images Credits:
Image 1: Designboom
Image 2: Kraud
Image 3: E/B Office
Image 4: Michael Beitz
Image 5: Dezeen
Image 6: Pablo Reinoso
Image 7: Designboom
Image 8: Hannes Van Severen
Image 9: Wamhouse
Image 10: Contemporist

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