Best Uses of Emerald Green in Garden Designs

Pantone, a leading authority on colour, has designated emerald green as the Pantone colour of the year for 2013. Pantone describes this year’s favourite colour as lively, radiant, and lush, an elegant and beautiful colour that enhances well-being, balance, and harmony.

According to colour psychology, emerald green is the colour of spring, symbolizing growth, renewal, and rebirth—a very positive and optimistic colour.

If there’s any colour that belongs in an outdoor space it’s green. Let’s see how you can add emerald green to your outdoor décor.

  1. Paint your shutters, and don’t forget the garage door. And while you’re at it, add emerald green outdoor furniture to match.
    emerald window frames
  2. Paint your fence. If your fence is due for a facelift, why not paint it emerald green?
  3. Cover your garden table with a solid green or green print tablecloth. Paint the chairs to match the tablecloth. By the way, not all your chairs have to be the same colour; just paint them to complement the cloth.
    emerald green chairs for your outdoors
  4. Cover pillows and outdoor cushions with emerald green prints and solids and replace your umbrella cover. Mix and match for added interest.
    emerald green cushions
  5. Paint accessories with emerald green acrylic paint. Flowerpots, vases, candlestick holders, even the handles of garden tools.
  6. Choose emerald green plants, like Emerald Green Arborvitae, which makes a fast growing and dense hedge when planted three feet apart.
  7. Paint garden structures, like pergolas, gazebos, plant stands, arbours, and the frames of glasshouses.
    emerald greenhouse
  8. If you have a garden shed or garage, why not paint it…you guessed it!…emerald green.

Emerald green is a colour of nature. It’s a colour you will never grow tired of in your garden.


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