Big Ideas for Small City Gardens

It isn’t true that you can’t have a garden if you are living in the city. With a little creativity and ingenuity you can turn your small urban garden into the garden of your dreams.

Mirror Illusion

You can give your small city garden an entirely new dimension when using a mirror. It creates an optical illusion that can make your garden appear almost twice as big. You can either create a window portal with a smaller mirror, or use a large mirror covering a bigger surface of your wall – making it look like you can walk through. It would work even better when you surround the mirror with lots of plants in order for it to blend in nicely.


For most small gardens, containers are key to maximizing your growing space – whether you grow food crops or ornamental plants.

In recent years classic natural clay flowerpots have given way to colourful decorative containers that add as much to the garden as the plants they hold. In fact, almost any container can become a flower pot: a claw foot tub, old boots, or mason jars, for example.

Keep in mind that small containers need more water than larger containers. Also, the soil in containers made from porous materials like clay or wood dries out quickly. To reduce your workload, choose large non-porous containers, like glazed ceramic.


Plants for the City Garden

Two factors determine what to grow in your urban garden: what you want to grow and what will grow in your conditions. Always choose plants that can thrive given the climate, sun, wind, soil, and water of your garden.

Herbs are ideal for the small garden: basil, thyme, parsley, rosemary, and sage thrive in containers.  New varieties of small or dwarf vegetables expand the possibilities for city food plots.  Salad greens, dwarf tomatoes and cucumbers, and bush beans take well to container growing. You can also grow blueberries in 45 cm pots.

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