Bistro Furniture – it’s origins and uses

The word ‘bistro’ or bistrot, evolved from Parisian language referring to a small restaurant which served simple meals in a modest setting. These restaurants generally were informal and catered for small quantities of people around little tables.

Rattan bistro garden furniture set

Recently the word Bistro has been adapted for use in the English language. It has been assigned to describe small furniture sets usually seating two people. Bistro garden furniture is ideal for balconies, cafés, restaurants and small patio areas where space is at a premium, or where small dining or relaxing areas are required.

Bistro sets can come in a variety of materials and styles, including wrought iron, rattan and wood. Each have their own unique attributes and style and should be chosen to match the surrounding area in which they will be used.

Wrought iron bistro sets are ideal for traditional settings, and would not look out of place on a balcony overlooking the Eiffel tower. Whilst wooden and rattan bistro sets are equally adapted to modern or traditional settings.

If you are looking for outdoor table and chairs for a small setting, then a bistro table is likely to be the ideal solution to what you are looking for.

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