Begin Preparations for the Chelsea Flower Show 2014

A-listers attending the Chelsea Flower Show are begonias, poppies, sunflowers, and Alan Tischmarsh, celebrating his and the Chelsea Flower Show’s 50 years in horticulture.
Qualifications for Chelsea Garden Show 2014 cover a broad spectrum of talents from horticultural professionals to avid gardeners.  The three categories are Show Gardens from top designers, Artesian Gardens where designers make use of material, and Fresh Gardens for those who think outside the box.

chelsea flower show

Professionals and enthusiasts alike flock to the Chelsea Flower Show each year to find inspiration and trends for the upcoming season.
Tommaso, of Team Tommaso del Buono and Paul Gazerwitz, told the Telegraph that while he was in architectural school he noticed a course called ‘landscape architecture’.  With his love for gardens, those were the stepping stones he followed.

Chelsea Flower Show 2014 has exhibits for every taste

Chelsea flower show
  • The Roof Gardens in Kensington celebrating 75 years.  This exhibit is not to be missed.
  • Viking Cruises take a step back in time to a Viking ship setting.
  • Parachute into the first relief for Ethiopia from World Vision Garden.
  • The Mind’s Eye by Countryside was created for the RNIB, proving that you can create images or scenes without the need of vision.
  • The Soldier’s Charity Garden commemorates WWI and its effects of war on the body, mind, and spirit and the journey to recovery.
  • Virtual Earth the Night Sky Garden from Bord na Mona is constellation themed with black holes and a rooftop to gaze upon the sky.
  • Hope on the Horizon lends more support, representing Hope for Heroes, portraying the road to healing and hope for the future.
  • Fabric from House of Fraser modernizes an outdoor garden using plants coinciding with fabrics, rugs, wallpapers and such to create a sitting room vibe.
  • Togenkyo – A Paradise on Earth, a place to truly enlighten yourself, is conducted by Cat’s Co Ltd, Ishihara Kazuyuki Design Laboratory Co Ltd, and Ishiken Co. Ltd.
  • Positively Stroke-On-Trent created by the Chelsea City Council Team encouraging a city with healthy sources of energy, nature and a thriving, green future.
  • The Cloudy Bay Garden, from the wine company, will tap into all of your senses. They use visuals, aromas, and touch sensations.  Charred oak, limestone and water are used to create this sensual exploration.
rh guard chelsea flower show

More than just a flower show

There are so many more amazing creations to be experienced at the Chelsea Flower Show 2014.  This is their highest number of exhibits thus far.


The list of food court vendors at this year’s show is unbelievable.  Even the non-horticulturists will flock to Chelsea to feast on dishes from their favourite chefs.

After getting excited from all the wonderful sights, scents, sounds, and tastes at the flower show, pick up some goods for your home garden with tools, artwork, cooking equipment, gifts and more.  From some of the biggest names in horticultural design, independent companies, and television shows, there’s a lot of shopping to be had at the Chelsea Flower Show!

On the eve of the show’s closing, Friday the 23rd, Opera Holland Park will delight your ears with some light opera under the Chelsea stars.

music chelsea flower show

The Royal Horticultural Society’s world famous Chelsea Flower Show at the Royal Hospital dates back to 1913.  This year’s show will be held 20-24 May 2014 featuring 550 exhibitors after 25 days of preparation.  M&G Investments is sponsoring their proud 4th year.
Find out who will take home the medals and if anyone will defeat Hiller Nurseries’ record for Chelsea gold (66).

Stop sitting around your same old garden.  Go to the show and get inspired!   And stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter today.


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Background featured image: Liz West
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Image 5: Vaviolino
Image 6: Herry Lawford


  1. Bren -

    Fabulous share Sarah! I wish I could attend this years event. I will be enjoying the show via the RHS gardening shares on social media and yours of course.

    Your biggest fan in the States – Bren

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