Christmas DIY

After a search online for some Christmas DIY I found a blog showing a transformation chair!
This paved the way for a hunt on Christmas home painted chairs! The original blog showed the chairs before and after, which as you can see from the image below is wonderful!






Another great design for a bar type Christmas DIY stool is:


We all like to open presents but having a chair especially for opening presents at Christmas is a great fun filled idea and that is exactly what this chair is made for!

christmas chair 4

There are loads of different Santa chairs online to get inspiration….but if you want something a bit different, why not check out these Christmas DIY Snowman themed chairs instead.  They are so cute, and a great addition to your Christmas decor




So – if you’ve got any old chairs that need sprucing up a bit – give them a Christmas makeover this year and make them a Christmas talking point.

Image Credits:

Featured Image

Before and After Chair  

Eat and Be Merry Stool

Santa Chair

Snowman are cold lumps of snow

Snowman chair

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