Conservatory Furniture Ideas

A conservatory is a unique space that bridges the gap between the home and garden, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home. If you are looking to build or refresh your conservatory, furniture can make a dramatic impact on the look and feel of the space.

Choosing the correct type of conservatory furniture for your needs can be difficult though as there are so many choices, not limited to colour, size, shape and design. It is also important that it fits in with your conservatory design as well as any specific requirements.

With a plethora of luxury conservatory furniture designs it is important to have a good understanding of what you are looking for before considering your options. Below are a few questions we recommend our customers ask themselves to help generate some conservatory furniture ideas:


Conservatory furniture in a standalone garden conservatory 


How much space do I have?

Conservatories are usually well lit, open spaces. It is important to ensure that furniture is not cluttering or overwhelming the space. For small conservatories you may consider a rattan sofa set, whilst a larger conservatory may be suited to conservatory dining furniture. Lighter weave colours help brighten the room and create a sense of space.

Who uses the conservatory?

What do you use your conservatory for? Is it somewhere for you to relax on a Sunday afternoon with a book? Do you use it for dinner parties? Or is it used as a family room?

What kind of budget do I have?

Think about the amount of time you are going to spend in the conservatory. If you consider it an important part of the home it may be wise to invest in luxury conservatory furniture. Everyone likes to receive a good deal so look out for a conservatory furniture sale.

What style do I find attractive?

Furniture for conservatories is usually made of natural rattan wicker. This is often attractive however is susceptible to UV damage. Synthetic rattan with the correct UV inhibitors is a great alternative as it is stylish, durable and comfortable. For more information on suitable conservatory furniture materials see this material guide.


Rattan Conservatory Furniture


Rattan conservatory furniture ideas
Synthetic rattan furniture has become a very popular choice for conservatory owners. Like natural rattan it is attractive and robust; however that is where the similarities end. Synthetic rattan furniture was first developed for use in the garden. It is therefore very robust, and made to withstand the elements.  Conservatories are susceptible to high UV levels and as result the furniture that is placed in them must be resistant to extreme UV levels. When purchasing conservatory furniture, assessing the quality is important – quality conservatory furniture will be handcrafted and should come with a guarantee. At Bridgman we supply rattan furniture in 15 different colour and style weaves. They are all designed to be comfortable and durable and would grace any conservatory.


Conservatory Furniture Cushions

Like with the furniture itself, it is important to choose suitable cushions. Look for cushions that have UV prohibitors in, making them less likely to fade. Cushions can ‘make or break’ a chair so ensure their comfort before purchasing. Generally speaking chairs with higher backs and back cushions are the most comfortable.


Like with all furniture purchases, we recommend that customers visit a furniture shop to assess differences in comfort and quality. This should also give you more conservatory furniture ideas, allowing you to find a match to best suits your needs.


  1. Donald Marsh -

    Great Ideas, thank you. Obviously there are quality differences in Rattan conservatory furniture but how do you tell them apart?

    1. robert -

      Hello Donald,

      There are several ways to determine quality differences in Rattan conservatory furniture.

      1. Weave type – generally, quality rattan furniture uses a thick full round weave. Cheaper options use flat weaves or hollow round weaves to save on material costs.
      2. Guarantees – Quality Rattan conservatory furniture should come with a manufacturers guarantee of at least 2 years. At Bridgman we offer guarantees of up to 10 years.
      3. Comfort – This is the biggest indicator. Try and visit a shop to sit in the furniture before you buy it. Quality Rattan conservatory furniture will be ergonomically designed and as such will be more comfortable than a cheaper alternative.

      I hope that helps, any more questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  2. Cyril Mcward -

    Great site I’m happy I came onto it via my friend’s website.

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