Creative Garden Ideas Using Doors and Windows

We want to share some great ideas for enhancing your garden design with repurposed doors and windows.

  1. Turn a Georgian Window into a Garden Mirror

With their clean lines and multiple divided lights, Georgian style windows are easily transformed into intriguing garden art. Light your garden with small mirrors or, easier yet, fasten one large mirror behind the window.  Use the window-mirror to make a small space in your garden appear larger.

  1. Add Stained Glass to the Garden

Accents of stained glass bring colour and form to a garden.  Strong, deep hues are especially welcome in garden plots that are more practical than colourful, like a vegetable or herb garden.

  1. Let your Plants Climb on an Iron Grille Trellis

A repurposed iron grille or gate adds excitement to a anonymous wall and provides a trellis for climbing plants. It makes an elegant background to a low border along an otherwise plain wall.

  1. Enhance your Vertical Garden with a Window Frame

Abandoned window frames without glass are not hard to find. Use one as the front of a vertical garden of succulents and herbs. Your plants will grow through the frame in an eye-catching display.

  1. Transform a Window Frame into a Custom Table

Just adding legs can turn an old window frame (with glass) into a unique table. Create a custom-designed outdoor table to fit your space with your choice of legs and frame colour. This DIY garden idea is one of the simplest – no special skills needed.

  1. Craft an Outdoor Table from a Door

Salvaged doors can play many roles in creative garden design. As repurposed furniture they make practical and attractive tables. With different legs, finishes, and sizes you can turn a door into a custom table to fit your garden décor.

  1. Create a Garden Arbour from Two Doors

Take two solid core doors and remove the panes from the top, leaving most of the top half of each door open. Erect the doors about one metre apart and connect the tops with lumber for an unusual arbour to make a gentle transition from one part of the garden to another.

  1. Make a Mini-Greenhouse from Salvaged Windows

Since a greenhouse is mostly glass, it makes sense to fashion one out of small salvaged windows. Three windows for the sides, one for the door, and two for the peaked roof, with a solid floor. Put it on casters and you have a portable mini-greenhouse you can move to follow the sun.


Many of these ideas for making garden furniture from repurposed windows and doors come from you, our readers. We’d like to hear more about your DIY experiences.

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