15 Different DIY Father’s Day Gifts

There are no more personal and thoughtful father’s day gifts than the ones we make ourselves. You don’t have to be a crafter to make these great DIY gifts that any dad will appreciate.


#1 Tie Cards

Father's day gifts tie card

What’s a tie card?  It’s a card that looks like a tie, and it’s super easy to make. Just trace a tie on a piece of coloured paper and cut it out. Then take a small envelope, seal it, and cut about ¼ inch off one end. Cut a one-inch slit in the center of the cut end. Fold down the pieces to make it look like a shirt collar and glue the tie in place under the collar. The card is a gift itself, or you can give along with other father’s day gifts.


#2 Traveling Cord Roll

Father's day gifts travelling cord roll

Cords are always a hassle, but when you’re traveling they’re a big hassle. With just a quarter of a yard of fake leather and a snap button you can make a case to keep Dad’s cords separate and untangled when you’re on the go. Cut a piece of leather 6-inches x 12-inches. Use an Xacto knife to cut slits for the cords. Add snaps so you can fasten the roll shut.


#3 Roll-up Tool Organiser

Father's day gifts tool organiser

While we’re on a roll, how about a roll-up organiser for your dad’s small hand tools? You’ll need leather, a leather needle and polyester thread. For a special touch you can add embroidery if you have an embroidery machine.


#4 Tripod Camping Stool

Father's day gifts tripod camping stool

To thank your dad for all the times he took the family camping, make him a camping stool for his father’s day gift. Made from hardwood dowels, brass fittings, and a leather or canvas seat, it’s rugged, sturdy, and quite good-looking.


#5 Homemade Shaving Cream

Father's day gifts shaving cream

Pamper your dad with homemade rosemary-mint shaving cream. Heat until melted 1/3 cup shea butter and 1/3 cup coconut oil. Transfer to a bowl and add in ¼ jojoba oil, 10 drops rosemary essential oil, and 3-5 drops peppermint essential oil. Refrigerate until solid then whip until light and fluffy. He’ll love it!


#6 Comic Book Coasters

Father's day gifts comics coaster

Your dad may think these comic book coasters are one of the most fun father’s day gifts he’s ever received. All you have to do is cut out circles from comic books and glue them onto round electrical outlet covers. Couldn’t be easier.


#7 Swiss Army Key Ring

Father's day gifts Swiss army key ring

Picture a Swiss army knife. Now picture it with keys instead of knives coming out of the classic red handle. You’re going to make that handle out of two small pieces of wood cut from paint stirrers. Separate the keys with screws and washers and Dad will have rotating the keys in and out as he needs them.


#8 Custom Ceramic Tiles

Father's day gifts custom ceramic tiles

Cut pictures you think you Dad will like out of magazines (or use postcards or family photos). Cut the picture a quarter inch bigger than the tile on all sides and glue it onto the tile. After it dries trim off the excess, then add two or three layers of shellac.


#9 Pocket Tie

Father's day gifts pocket tie

Oh no! No more ties for father’s day gifts! This pocket tie takes ties to a new level. With a little snipping and stitching you’re adding a handy cell phone pouch to the bottom of the tie.


#10 Map Cufflinks

Father's day gifts map cufflinks

If your father likes to travel he’ll like these map cufflinks. Start with a pair of customizable cufflinks, which you can buy online. Place the top of a cufflink over a special spot on a map – maybe your dad’s favourite place or someplace he’d like to go. Trace a circle around the top, cut it out, and snap it in place. That’s it!


#11 Sunglass Bag

Father's day gifts Sunglass bag

It’s getting to be sunglasses time. If your dad is a sunglass guy, make him a cool muslin string-tie bag and decorate it with an artistic image of a pair of sunglasses.


#12 Personalised Ceramic Plates

Father's day gifts personalised ceramic plates

You’ll have to go to a ceramics studio to make these totally cool father’s day gifts. Mums, young kids, and older kids can make their own drawings and paintings for Dad, right on the plate. Put the date on the back and you’ll have a real keepsake.


#13 Ipad Cover

Father's day gifts ipad cover

Make a cover for your father’s Ipad using the box it came in and one of those black and white composition books. You dad’s cover will be 100 percent unique, so there’s no chance he’ll pick up someone else’s by mistake.


#14 Custom T-Shirt

Father's day gifts custom t shirt

T-shirts are always great father’s day gifts, and this one’s really special. Start with a dark-coloured shirt and a gel bleach pen. Draw pictures, words, whatever you want with the bleach pen. Rinse off the bleach and toss the shirt in the washer.


#15 Shirt Pillows

Father's day gifts shirt pillow

Warning: Use a shirt your dad doesn’t want to wear anymore, because once you cut it up, well … Start with one clean, ironed, button-down shirt per pillow, cut it out and fit it around a pillow form or old pillow. Make a few and surprise Dad when he heads for his favourite chair.


These 15 great DIY father’s day gifts prove that it’s easy to give Dad the perfect gift. The key is to make it yourself.
If you like these ideas, share them with others looking for just the right father’s day gifts.



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