DIY Miniature Fairy Garden

When we realized how hard it was to find a DIY tutorial for a miniature garden we decided to create one for our readers.  We also decided to have fun with this project, turning it into a miniature commemoration garden in honour of the birth of the royal baby.

We started by looking at miniature gardens online for inspiration. We bought all the plants, the pot, the compost, and the gravel from a local garden centre. The miniatures came from eBay miniature stores.

We started by sketching out the garden on paper. Then we created our miniature garden, step-by-step, just as you see in the photos.

We enjoyed creating the commemoration garden so much and are so pleased with the results that we plan to make more to mark special occasions. We’d also like to hear about your experiences making miniature gardens.

Here’s what we used and what we did:

Plants & Materials

Photo of the items needed for the commemoration miniature fairy garden
Here’s a photo of the plants and materials we used, which includes:

  • Large pot
  • Multi-purpose compost
  • Bonsai Tree
  • Plants (Baby Tears, Alyssum, Nertera, Ivy)
  • Artificial Moss
  • Cactus gravel
  • Miniature bench, tablemarbour, baby carriage with baby, watering can, fence, pots and rabbits.
  • Miniature easel with image of Royal couple
  • Plastic pot covered with blue duct tape (for pond)

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Fill the container to the top with compost.Step 1 - Filling the garden pot with soil
  2. Plant the bonsai tree along the back rim of the container.Step 2 - Planting Bonsai Tree in pot
  3. Plant the baby tears around the bonsai tree.Step 3a - Plant Baby Tears as Grass around the tree
    Step 3b - Plant Baby Tears as Grass around the tree
    Step 3c - Plant Baby Tears as Grass around the tree, now looking like a small garden
  4. Plant alyssum and nertera.Step 4a - Plant Alyssum close to the tree
    Step 4b- Plant nertera in the fairy garden
  5. Plant ivy toward the front rim of the pot, leaving a space between it and the baby tears.Step 5 - Planting Ivy
  6. With the planting finished, your miniature garden looks like a tree surrounded by grass, flowering plants, and groundcover.Step 6 - Garden planting completed
  7. Place the pond along the front edge of the container, to the right of the ivy.Step 7 - Place the garden pond
  8. Add the arbour between the baby tears and the pond and wrap the ivy around the arbour.  Now, take a look at the garden through the back of the arbour; you’ll see how the arbour creates a graceful entrance into the garden.Step 8a - Placing the garden arbour
    Step 8b - enfold the arbour with the ivy
    Step 8c - View of the garden from the back of the arbour
  9. Place moss along the front edge in the area between the pond and the nertera. The moss adds texture and a natural fullness to the garden.Step 9a - Adding moss
    Step 9b - Moss added to the miniature garden
    Step 9c- Moss closeup
  10. Place the picket fence along the back edge of the container, extending from the arbour, behind the tree, to the alyssum.Step 10 - Placing the fence
  11. Add gravel on top of the exposed soil, creating a path from the arbour to the tree.Step 11a - Adding gravel to make the gardenpath
    Step 11b- Path completed
  12. Add water to the pond.Step 12 - Adding water to the pond
    Step 12b- Pond filled with water
  13. String the bunting between the tree and the arbour.Step 13a - String Union Jack Bunting between the trees
    Step 13b - Bunting Close up
  14. Add the bench between the tree and the arbour.Step 14 - Add the miniature wooden garden bench between the tree and the arbour
  15. Place the birdbath to the let of the pond.
    Step 15 - Placing the birdbath
  16. Place the watering can on the gravel near where the moss and the nertera meet.Step 16 - Placing the watercan close up picture
  17. Here’s what the garden looks like so far, looking from behind the fence.Step 17 - View of the garden from the back
  18. Add the small pots under the tree.Step 18 - Pots added
  19. View the garden from the side, close up, and from the distance.Step 19a - View of the garden
    Step 19 - View of the garden
  20. Now place the rabbits behind the tree.Step 20 - Place the Rabbits under the tree
  21. Take a close-up look at your flowers and the view through the arbour.Step 21 - Flowers close up
    Step 21b- Close up from the arbour
  22. Place the baby in the baby carriage on the moss to the right of the pond.Step 22 - Place the baby carriage with the baby
  23. Add the easel with the royal couple between the baby carriage and the tree.Step 23 - Placing the easel with the royal couple
  24. Here’s what the completed commemorative garden looks like.Step 24 - Final step - The miniature garden is completed

Let Us Know

Have you created a miniature garden? We would like to hear from you if you use these DIY instructions—or if you have other ideas to share on making miniature gardens.


  1. Matt from Gardencentreshopping -

    The little details of this make it look so special, what beautiful mini garden.

    Sharing with our followers 900+ 🙂

    Where did you get those tiny UK flags from?!

  2. shamitha -

    it’s very nice

  3. Wally -

    Hi, I do think this is an excellent site. I stumbledupon it 😉
    I may revisit once again since I bookmarked it. Money and freedom is the best
    way to change, may you be rich and continue to guide other people.

  4. Jean -

    Hi! Such a nice project! I would like to do it and give my finish project as a gift to my special someone, can you please tell me where can I order the materials. Please please please… Thank you very much! Good luck to this site.

    1. Robert Bridgman -

      Hi Jean. Thanks for reading through the post and we really appreciate you taking the time to comment. We were able to find all of the miniature items on the internet, mainly sites like ebay. All the plants, soil, gravel, moss and the planter were sourced from a local garden centre. If you end up making this it would be great to see the results!

  5. Sylvia -

    I’ve been doing fairy gardens and this is a great tutorial on how to put one together. Very nice!!

  6. Chris -

    This is so cute! I’ve gotten a lot of my fairy garden things from the dollar store. Such as a bag of glass stones, moss, etc. Fairy gardens can be expensive but my grand daughters sure love it!

  7. margaret crothers -

    What kind of looking after would it need as im not green fingered. Could it be used outdoors in all seasons or is it for indoors? Its really lovrly and thank you for excellent tutorial.

  8. Elizabeth -

    Hermoso proyecto, definitivamente !Divino!

  9. Rosalyn Virella Santa -

    I was in kisimmi for vacation and want to now where in Puerto Rico can I bay that think for make my garden prety like this…

  10. Kathleen Bates -

    Thankyou for this wonderful guide to a DIY miniature fairy garden

  11. Shelley Anderson -

    Hi, I’m new to this, just starting to take an interest. I live in Minnesota so I will have to adapt for the cold weather although I think I will make this portable so I can bring it in for the winter. I sure hope I can find some of the miniatures you have, especially the watering can and pots. I think I’ll be able to make a fence with popsicle sticks, wire and paint. Thank you so much for the ideas. Seems that now you will have to make one for Megan and Prince Harry.

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