The Simplicity of Easter Decorations

The spring cleaning is all polished and complete and now it’s time to plan the birth of fresh, new Easter décor.  There’s no better way to brighten up your home and bring in the bright spring sunshine with simple splashes of Easter both indoors and outdoors.   Small, subtle decorations can enliven the spirit of Easter whilst keeping it classy.

Adding Easter Decorations to the Home

In the kitchen, adding a bowl of lemons and limes to add a pop of colour to the room is easy and you probably have all the items needed.  Touches as minute as a glass jar with freshly cut herbs in water can add the warmth of Easter to the air.  Go a little bolder and add fresh carrots with leaves intact (spinach, asparagus or other veggies) to a water-filled clear vase.  Nothing says Easter bunny more than carrots.

easter decorations bouquet

Moving on to the table decorations, use napkins with colours that pop rather than pastels, secured with homemade twig napkin rings that you can make from your own garden.  Those same napkins can be folded in a way to stand upright and portray bunny ears.  An Easter printed tablecloth is an easy change to any dining area.
Take a sip of Easter from tea cups coloured for the season or with Easter decorations stencilled on them.  This is a fun touch for tea time.  Always keep the curtains pulled open to allow bright sunshine in to enhance the colourful settings.

easter decorations jelly beans carrot

Curl up in the sitting room next to a jar of Easter coloured M&Ms or jelly beans.  These are simple, edible decorations.  Liven up your vases with fresh cut mums, tulips, lilies, or other floral décor that represents springtime and Easter.  To keep it simple, a conservative vase with a cherry blossom branch with mere buds can represent birth, spring, and makes an exquisite decoration.

Easter Can Be Represented With Outdoor Décor, Too

Now it’s time to stroll outdoors for a breath of fresh air.  As you walk out, near the front entrance are little wire butterflies that attached to the shrubs.  A fresh coat of paint on the outdoor furniture with Easter inspired colour makes an inviting spot for biscuits and tea.  For the entryway, a handmade wreath with bright fruit, Easter flowers, or bunnies are a refreshing decoration while guests arrive.

easter decorations muffin

Take advantage of the kiddies in your life and include them in making tissue paper flowers, butterflies, or both.  It’s a simple, affordable decorating craft that they will have fun with and will make you feel youthful again.

Now that your Easter decorating has hatched, it’s time to ring up all your friends and have a little soiree to rake in the compliments and boast about how ‘it just comes naturally’.


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