Garden Design to Bring Patios to Life

For most people, having an outdoor space offers the opportunity to get some fresh air, enjoy warm weather and entertain guests. Whilst you may not be an enthusiastic gardener, having a patio area which looks inviting and vibrant is important for maximising the appeal of your garden. You can help lift your patio with the great range of luxurious outdoor furniture which is available, from modern table sets to rustic looking rattan loungers. But, if you really want to bring your outside patio space to life, incorporating a bit of garden design will add the finishing touches.


Depending on your preferred style, you may want to create the ultimate chic and modern environment, or a more gentile and rustic appearing outlook. The scene can be set by your choice of furniture, and you can indulge in straight lines and crisp curves with metal and glass materials. Alternatively, you could create a rustic ambiance by using natural wicker and rattan products, or conjure up some formality of the English estate garden with wrought iron and stone features.


Planting and garden design plays an important part in really setting your preferred style off, and you can use different materials and varieties in keeping with your theme to add some life to your patio area.


Traditional Garden Design

If you want some formality to your patio, then you only need to think of English Heritage gardens for some inspiration. Topiary can be perfect in this instance, and you could use cones and spheres of clipped privet in pots, or box hedging around the seating area. Ornate garden statues are also an integral feature of traditional gardens, as is symmetry, so try and balance all planting and designs accordingly.


Rustic Garden Design

Rustic and country looks are easily achieved by the use of natural materials. Bedding plants are ideal, and you can fill pots with bright colours which tumble over the edges. Glazed and terracotta pots work best, and you can use wicker trellis or pagoda’s to grow roses and clematis up. Meanwhile, a carefully placed trug, mini fork or boot works wonders for adding that extra icing on the cake.


Modern Garden Design

Modern gardens often utilise manmade materials to instantly create an ambiance which is up to date. Fussy and flowery planting should be avoided, and like in formal gardens, you can use topiary. However, your choice of pot might differ here, using a stainless steel or reinforced glass container to offer a sense of the futuristic. Grasses also work well in modern gardens, and are easy to look after in the patio environment. You can always introduce some flowers to the scheme as well, but limit your palette and plant choices, staying away from traditional cottage garden plants such as roses, poppies and peonies.

Contemporary Garden Patio Design

Patio design is much more than the furniture that you place, and to get the most from your space you should carefully think about the ambiance you are creating. By utilising plants to their best, and a range of materials to suit your garden furniture, you can make an appealing place to wine, dine and entertain.


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