Fun Garden Games for Half-Term

Hopscotch and catch are classic outdoor games, but if you’re trying to entertain the kids over half term you might want to try these creative new garden games

  1. Garden Twister

Take the twister game to a new level. Use ground-marking spray to make the dots on the ground. won’t damage the grass and it’s easy to remove.

  1. Garden Bowling

Homemade bowling balls made from empty water bottles, a tennis ball, and a little red paint are all you need to set up your own private bowling alley in your garden.

  1. Outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe

Use some stones as the board, then paint the tic-tac-toes. Painted pieces of wood would be perfect for this task.

  1. Giant Yard Pick-Up Sticks

In this giant version of the classic game of skill, the sticks are long thin dowels painted bright colours. Hold the sticks together vertically, then drop them on the ground. It’s not going to be easy to pick one up without disturbing another one.

  1. Angry Birds Game


A few pieces of wood, miscellaneous hardware, rubber tubing, and paint are all you need to make a life-size Angry Birds game. That is, of course, in addition to the Angry Birds stuffed animals. The kids will be running, pulling the slingshot, and yelling with excitement. And you’ll have fun too.


  1. Ice Block Treasure Hunt


A cool game to play with the hands covered in gloves. Freeze small trinkets in a big block of ice. Give the kids small hammers and let them dig for the treasures. See if they can dig them all out.


  1. DIY Plinko


Let the whole family get in on this price is right game. Make your own game board from plywood and play it outdoors.


  1. Balloon Dart Board


Blow up a bunch of brightly coloured balloons. Tack them by their tails to a piece of plywood or foam board. Give the kids darts and let them try their luck breaking the balloons. For extra fun, put a slip of paper in each balloon with a number for a prize.


  1. DIY Passing Practice Tarpaulin


Hang a tarpaulin on a line. Cut out different size circles and squares, edge them with duct tape, and give each cut out a different point value. See who can get the most points tossing a football or a tennis ball through the holes.


  1. Scrabble


Adults and kids will have fun with this giant outdoor scrabble board. You can use poured concrete for the board and baseboard trim for the letter tiles. A great way to learn while playing garden games.


You’ve got to admit these are some terrific games for kids – during half term, summer, or whenever.  If you like them (and we’re sure you will), pin the pictures and share the articles on Facebook.



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