Garden Lighting: The 7 Best Ways to Illuminate Your Garden


Though your garden may be predominantly used during daylight hours, warm spring and summer evenings often offer the opportunity to indulge in your outdoor space after the sun has set. Garden’s can become magical places as darkness descends, and you can utilise lighting to create intrigue and mystery, allowing you to spend even more time outside when the weather is good. Avoid using floodlights, as these will take away any magic that you’re trying to create. Instead, consider the following points to develop a garden which draws you in both day and night.


1. Candles

Candles are often used on patios an in garden design to lighten outdoor spaces.On a warm, still night, there is no better way to light the garden than with candles. Whilst it’s not as easy as flicking a switch, taking the effort to bring one of the most natural lights available to the garden will have great rewards. Flames will gently flicker in a soft breeze, and you can create a truly romantic scene in any outdoor space by using candles. In addition, if you don’t have much in the way of nightly scents, you can utilise perfumed candles to offer an additional aroma to the garden (candles on a patio; right).


2. Solar Lights

Solar lighting is a great way to illuminate your garden because there is very little involved. You are sometimes at the sun’s mercy, but in the spring and summer months there is normally enough daylight to top up lights and allow them to beam throughout the evening. Solar lights now come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and you can get fairy lights to string through shrubs, pedestal lights to push into the ground, or small lights looking like candles or rocks to provide a quick and easy way of illuminating gardens.


3. Fire Pits

Fire pits not only keep you warm well into the night but they also emit a warm glow. There is nothing quite like the ambience created by a flickering flame coupled with the intoxicating aroma of a roaring fire. Fire pits are available in many shapes and sizes and are reasonably inexpensive. They can be used on a patio or in the garden to great effect. Fire pits are also useful when it comes to keeping insects away at night.


4. Coloured Illuminations

Many garden lights come in white, but for a fantastic and mysterious effect try mixing the colours up a little. Whilst you might want to use white lights around patio and lounge areas, if you’re looking to create interest in plant borders, lights of green, blue and red can cast some interesting shadows and bring an ethereal look to otherwise normal looking flowerbeds.

5. Highlighting FeaturesLights on a garden fountain, a great way to add light to your garden.

A great way of using lighting to your advantage is to highlight features within your garden. If you have a fountain, then its soft bubbling will naturally attract attention. You can create even more of a feature at night by lighting it, using underwater lights, or even floating solar powered products or candles (lighting a fountain seen on a grand scale; right). Likewise, you might have specific plants which are featured in your garden, or even beautiful architecture on your conservatory. Highlight these by placing lighting so that it catches certain areas, such as a particular flower or the wrought iron of a conservatory finial.


6. Creating Walkways

You don’t only want to light your garden, but you want to draw people into your outside space. Using lights is a great way to do this, and you can use illuminations to guide people along paths and around corners.


7. Incorporating Height

When you’re placing lights, don’t forget to think about creating height. In the dark, our senses can be more sensitive than they would be in daylight. In addition to adding low level light, use lanterns or fairy lights in shrubs and trees to draw the focus towards the sky. You can also position ground lights so that they beam light upwards, creating more intrigue for people to explore as they enjoy your outside space throughout the long balmy nights.



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