15 Incredible Guinness Records for Furniture

When we think about Guinness records, furniture isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

#1 Most Stacked Chairs Balanced on

There are, however, a number of amazing feats involving furniture worth noting, like the record for balancing on the most stacked chairs.
balancing on the most stacked chairsIn case you are wondering, that number is 11; acrobat Luo Jun set the record in 2007.


#2 Tallest Human Chair Stack

That’s not the only chair-stacking achievement in the Guinness records.

chair stack 6.4 mIn 1999, the Peking Acrobats made a chair stack 6.4 m (21 ft) high, with six people on seven chairs holding handstands for five seconds. Imagine that!


Guinness Records for Feats of Physical Strength with Furniture

#3 Longest Static Wall Sit

Here’s a record for the wall sit, or Samson’s chair, which involves sitting against a wall with a 90-degree bend in your knees – like a static squat.
wall sittingIn 2008, Dr. Thienna Ho of Vietnam spent 11 hours 51 minutes and 14 seconds in a wall sit.  Oh, my aching thighs!


#4 Most Consecutive Foot Juggling

Then there’s Chester Cable, of California, who flipped a 59 kg (130 lb) aluminum table 17 times in succession, using his feet.
He’s held that impressive Guinness record since 1998.


#6 Most Chair Rotations

Masayuki Oyama and Nobuhiko Naito of Japan set the Guinness record for the most chair rotations in one minute by a team of two: 67.


#7 Table lifted with Teeth

This is a parlous trick with teeth. In 2008, George Christen of Luxembourg lifted a table with a person sitting on it with his teeth and carried it a record-setting distance of 11.80 m (38 ft 8 in). lifted a table with teeth


Odd Guinness Records for Furniture

# 8 Largest collection of Miniature Chairs

After collecting miniature chairs for over 10 years, Barbara Hartsfield of the USA set the Guinness record with 3,000 as of 2008.
largest collection miniature chairs


# 9 Most People sitting on one Chair

Guess how many people can sit on one chair.

most people sitting on one chair

Probably more than anyone would think: 1,666. This happened in China in 2013. We’re guessing this wasn’t one of Ms. Hartsfield’s miniature chairs.


# 10 Largest Game of Musical Chairs

It took place in 1989 in Singapore.
Musical chairsThe game started with 8,238 participants, with the winner on the last remaining chair after three and one-half hours.

Guinness Records for Biggest and Best Furniture

# 11 Largest Inflatable Furniture

Jacobs Kronung took this prize for  a sofa, in Germany in 2009.
Largest inflatable furniture


# 12 Lightest Chair

Massimiliano Della Monaca of Italy designed the lightest chair, which weighed in at 0.617 kg (1.36 lb) in 2008. This incredible chair even passed independent testing for durability.
lightest chair


#13 Most Expensive Furniture

The Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna bought the Badminton Cabinet for £19 million in 2004. Intricate with amethyst quartz and other precious stones, this cabinet was commissioned by Henry Somerset, the 3rd Duke of Beaufort.
Most expensive furnitureFind out more about the World’s Most Expensive Furniture.


# 14 Longest Table

The longest table measured 1,003.9 m (3294 ft) in 2013 in the United Arab Emerites.

longest table


# 15 The Most Important Record is Yours!

We’d like to hear about more fantastic furniture feats, even if they’re not Guinness records.
Share these odd bits of information and let’s see what other people tell us about their furniture exploits.

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    I will never understand how some people discover these amazing talents, I would like to sit at the worlds longest table however!

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