Milk or tea in first?

“There is no problem on earth that can’t be improved upon by a cup of tea” – a proverb well-exercised here in England. And I couldn’t agree more. An afternoon tea is the perfect time to relax and socialise at the same time. Especially now that the weather is getting better – how about a traditional English Tea enjoyed on your patio. However, according to many, it is enjoyed the most when you drink your tea the proper way.


In case you don’t remember the right etiquette, I’ll take you through it:

Start off by taking your napkin and folding it in half. Place it on your lap with the fold towards you.

If you get to pour the tea, offer to pour others’ first.

Before pouring the tea into the cup, pour some milk in first.

Wait… milk in first, or second?

Pour in the tea first, and proceed with pouring some milk in. This way you will know exactly what amount of milk is in your tea.

I’m confused… hasn’t the Royal Society of Chemistry announced that the milk goes in first?


Here at Bridgman, we will do an office vote to find out what the right way to pour your tea is.

Do you know the right order? Tell us what you think; milk or tea in first?

Share it with us on Twitter @PJBridgman, on Facebook or by commenting below.

Or vote here

Next week we will let you know the right answer!




Featured image credit: The Hip Paris Blog



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