Mirror, mirror on the wall

There are lots of things you can use mirrors for in the house. Whether it is to make the space look bigger, to illuminate your home or simply for decoration.

However, using mirrors can be a bit tricky. Therefore, there are some simple rules and tips you should definitely follow when using mirrors.



Using (large) mirrors in small and narrow hallways or rooms will immediately make the space appear twice as large. It gives the space an illusion of depth and illuminates it at the same time.



Mirrors can make a great statement in a room, they are the perfect decoration as the focal point and have added value to them too. Combining a statement mirror with a subtle light shining onto it can create the most amazing effect.

The mirror in this pictures accentuates the height of this room by drawing attention to the ceiling.



Mirrors can also be used to accentuate bold interior statements such as the central light fitting in this setting. This mirror blends in nicely with the walls and does not stand out too much. However, it does reflect the chandelier – giving it a special effect that draws extra attention on this statement piece.


There are also a few things you should not do with mirrors. Firstly, do not place mirrors on ceilings. This is very out-dated and can make a room very kitschy. Secondly, mirrors in kitchens require a lot of maintenance, it is just not a very good idea.


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Image Credit:

Image 1: Studio 29 Architects

Image 2: Line Thit Klein

Image 3: Xavier Bejot

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