It’s National Tree Week

This week is National Tree Week. This annual event  started 40 years ago to celebrate the start of the winter tree planting season.  Schools and community groups will be supporting the initiative by setting up events to inspire people and holding planting days with the aim of planting around a million trees;  tending the trees they already have and educational walks and talks.

The first ever National Tree Week was held in 1975 to make Britain more tree-conscious.  Harold Wilson planted a Holm Oak at Chequers and Margaret Thatcher, then leader of the opposition planted a Lime tree in her constituency.  In 2013  Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute ran a world record attempt at  tree hugging; and a Winter Willow Weaving event was organised by Dams to Darnley Country Park near Glasgow.  Watch out for this years events on the Tree Councils website on

We have also found the work of  photographer Elido Turco really interesting.   He has created the faces of tree creatures from the natural bark on trees using photo editing mirror techniques.

See some of Elido Turco’s artwork below and tell us what you think! You can find many more images from this photographer by simply searching online!




We were intrigued by the idea of the art created using trees, and decided to research trees used in artwork and came across many interesting carvings. Some of which are pretty nearby our head office, such as the below located in Potters Bar.


Some more interesting tree carvings can be found in Orr Park, Montevallo, Alabama, America.  Tim Tinglewood is responsible for livening up the forest and it looks fabulous!

A full article on this can be found here:  :




There are some amazing carvings around the world.  Celebrate National Tree Week and show us your favourite and post them on our Facebook page.

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