Protect your Plant Pots

Have you thought about your plant pots this winter?  You have probably thought about protecting your plants from the winter frosts, and moved them into a greenhouse or a sheltered spot but don’t forget that your plant pots will also need protecting from the cold.

The damp weather can make terracotta pots chip and flake. Terracotta plant pots are made of clay and will soak up water.  When the temperatures drop these pots will be very likely to crack.  Similarly pots that are only glazed on the outside can also be prone to cracking in the cold weather.  Glass pots and ones that are glazed inside and out can also crack if the soil in them gets too wet.

herb-plant-pot-3Keep your pots off the ground

If you can’t bring these pots indoors, or store them in the garage, try and keep them together in a dry or sheltered part of the garden. These fragile pots can be wrapped in layers of bubble wrap or hessian – or you can try burying the pot into the ground up to the rim – which will also help to insulate the unprotected plant roots as well as the pot.  You can also buy thermo plant pot frost covers or plant jackets which will protect the plant roots from freezing and also protect pots from cracking.  The drainage holes will prevent water-logging.

Look at keeping your plant pots off the ground so they don’t get waterlogged – either with plant feet which you can buy at your local garden centre or use wine corks!

Pots made from wood, fibreglass and non-porous plastic can be left outside during winter and are frost proof. If you choose UV resistant materials you can also be sure that your pot won’t fade in the sun.

potted plants

Look after your pots this winter, and they will look as good as new come springtime!

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