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I’m pretty sure that most of you love crafting, especially when it is about creating things for your home. After a small Pinterest research I did last week, I realised that the most interesting and intriguing DIY home decor elements are those who turn recycled products like aluminium cans, old furniture or even old electronic devices into small pieces of Art.

Here is my top 9 :

  1. Wood Disk wall clock by Design* Sponge.
    Design Sponge Wood Disk Wall Clock

  2. Paint old drawers in bold or pastel colours and use them as shelves.
    Dukes and Duchesses drawers as shelves
  3. Do not trash empty wine bottles. Re-use them to make a beautiful Chandelier.
    A Chandelier made off empty wine bottles
  4. Another Chandelier idea, using an old bird cage.
    Birdcage turned into a Chandelier
  5. Don’t know what to do with an old chair? Make it a Living Garden Chair.

    Bridgman Living Garden Furniture
  6. If you usually have cereals for breakfast, here’s the ideal Home Decor your kitchen.
    Recycled cereal boxes to decorate your walls
  7. Burnt Bulb? Well, cut off its bottom, empty out the contents and just add water and 1-2 flowers. Now you got a cool vase.Vase made of a burnt bulb
  8. Pet bed made from an old TV console.
    Pet bed made of an old TV console
  9. A Garden Furniture Set Made of Recycled Car Tires
    Outdoor Garden Furniture made of Car tires

So,now you know you can re-use so many things old things to enhance your Home & Garden Decor.


Image Credits: Image 1

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