22 Reclaimed & Recycled Furniture Ideas Made From Household Objects

Here at Bridgman we’re fascinated by furniture design, and it seems that we’re not the only ones. Below is a gallery of some of the most interesting furniture ideas created from everyday objects that you wouldn’t usually associate with furniture. In most cases the materials are recycled to create visually attractive and eco-friendly reclaimed furniture. Designers have found ways to transform discarded objects into functional pieces of furniture that wouldn’t look out of place at home.

Whilst some of the designs lend themselves to DIY furniture projects, others may take a little more expertise and artistic acumen. So whether you’re looking for reclaimed furniture ideas, DIY projects or design inspiration, the collection below should set you off in the right direction.


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Ever wondered what to do with your old wine corks? This recycled furniture idea by Aaron Kramer shows what can be achieved with around 2,700 corks and some creativity.

Website: Aaron Kramer

‘Drops’ is a chair designed by Camilla Hounsell Halvorsen which uses recycled upholstery material. The colourful pieces of fabric are wrapped around an inner tube and the seat can be used as a pouf by removing the legs.

Website: Camilla Hounsell Halvorsen


If your kids have outgrown their building blocks and you’re looking to recycle them, why not make a new chair? Pepe Heykoop in his brick series has done just that – although his inspiration was based on a drawing by James Gulliver Hancock

Website: Pepe Heykoop

This fun eco-friendly chair is made out of around 297 recycled tennis balls. Its creator, Hugh Hayden, saw a need for reusing tennis balls that are ordinarily thrown away after tennis sessions despite being fairly new.

Website: Hugh Hayden


The clutch chair by designer Scott Jarvie shows what can be achieved by combining 10,000 disposable drinking straws. We’re assuming it’s more of a decorative piece rather than a functioning chair but it’s pretty effective nonetheless.

Website: Scott Jarvie

Created by designer Charles Kaisin, the shredded paper chair uses thousands of pieces of colourful paper. The result is a unique chair made out of recycled materials. Just watch out for paper cuts.

Website: Trend Hunter


Complete with 388 once-fired shotgun shells the fully loaded chair masterfully combines weaponry and furniture. The chair is fully functional and is said to be comfortable too.

Website: Rehhab

The ‘sea chair’ designed by Studio Swine is made from plastic taken entirely from the ocean. Plastic bags, bottles and containers are melted down to create unique plastic stools that help save the environment.

Website: Studio Swine


Tom Price made a series of furniture using a heat press and a variety of materials. This distinctive chair is formed by pressing a metal chair-shaped formed into a ball of polypropylene rope.

Website: Tom Price

This recycled furniture idea by Boris Bally is one of our favourites. Using discarded street signs, Boris handcrafts functional furniture that is very eye catching. He has a range of tables to match too.

Website: Boris Bally


Instead of throwing away your old garden hose why not do what Tom Price did and make your own chair? The seat shape is formed by pressing a hot metal seat press into a pile of PVC hose.

Website: Tom Price

The ‘Reborn Chair’ by Monocomplex is made from 100% recycled materials. It is made using 127 flattened and pressed cardboard boxes which are then hand carved to give it its form. Check out their website for more innovative recycled furniture designs.

Website: MonoComplex


The plastic rug chair is made by pressing a heated metal chair-shaped former into a pile of plastic rugs. When cooled you’re left with a colourful and distinctive chair.

Website: Tom Price

Pallets are cheap, versatile and highly customisable. This is one designed by Nina Tolstrup of studiomama and decorated by Gavin Turk. We’ve written a guide on how to create your own pallet furniture here.

Website: Design Boom


The ‘Cultural chair’ by Seung Han Less is made from newspaper and rice glue. The finished product is an attractive and environmentally friendly chair that can be folded away.

Website: Han’s Designs

Kwangho Lee is an experimental designer who focuses on creating furniture out of new materials. This chair is part of a series called ‘obsession’ and it is made by knitting gardening hose.

Website: Kwangho Lee


This unusual chair design by Osian Batyka-Williams is one of the British designers’ many furniture pieces. Made using reclaimed cutlery, the knives, spoons and forks are welded together to create a truly unique piece of recycled furniture.

Website: Osian Batyka-Williams

Made using motherboards, computer chips, LCD screens and hard drive disks, the binary chair is made entirely from recycled computer parts. We’re not sure how comfortable it would be though?

Website: BRC Designs


If you have a few thousand cd’s lying around you could make a cd chair, as designer Belen Hermosa has done.

Website: Bespace

The cable tie chair by Tom Price is made out of approximately 10,000 cable ties. The seat shape was formed by pressing a heated former into a ball of woven cable ties. This chair is one in a series designed by Tom.

Website: Tom Price


Designed by Philippe Nigro, this chair is made entirely out of cardboard. Each flat piece of cardboard is carefully joined to several other pieces to create a strong yet lightweight structure.

Website: Archi Expo

This unique chair by Reddish Studio is made from half of a disused Aluminium bathtub. Metal armrests were then created and bolted onto the side of the bath as well as 2 small legs. The natural contours of the bath is said to create a comfortable chair.

Website: Reddish Studio


Have you seen any other inspiring recycled furniture designs? Leave a comment in the comments section below and we’ll look into featuring it.


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