Storing Christmas

Storing Christmas Decorations

Its time to think about storing Christmas Decorations! You’ve accidentally thrown away the Christmas tree box/storage bag, and are wondering how to store the tree for the year.  Not to worry –  here is a fantastic space saving idea that should solve the problem! Simply press down the branches in the correct direction and tighten them up with those old belts you don’t use, tada!

treebeltOrganise Ornaments!

Some quick tips for sensible storage when packing up Christmas!

Use an old egg box to store your Christmas baubles or stick down those left over plastic cups inside a storage box and store those ornaments!
Different cup sizes can be used for different sized ornaments.


Hang that wrapping!

Using a garment hanging bag, why not store your wrapping paper and gift ribbon?


Lights away!

Using empty wrapping paper tubes, cut a slit either end of the tube. Thread one end of the lights through one slit and begin to wrap the lights around it. Once all wrapped up thread the other end of the lights through the second slight. Space saving!

 If you are packing decorations away the old fashioned way remember to always label the boxes. Another quick tip is to write in which order boxes should be unpacked! This will help you when putting them up in a years time so to avioid the extra clutter!


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