This weekend’s races

Saturday is the day of the 161st famous historic Boat Race. Did you know that the very first race was held between university friends in 1829, five years later the second race took place making it an official event. The men’s record of 16min and 19sec was set in 1998 by the Cambridge team. Not a very long race, but definitely more than enough entertainment for the day.

This year the Boat Race, from Putney to Mortlake, is slightly different with the first ever women’s team to participate. About 300,000 spectators are expected to be cheering alongside the Thames on Saturday. The best locations to view the race is in Bishop’s Park and Furnivall Gardens. There will be big screens, food, beer, live music and lots of fun. Pub’s will be overcrowded, so make sure you are on time.



Roughly one hour before the start of the Boat Race, another big race will commence, the annual Grand National held in Aintree. This race is where 70 horses will jump 30 fences in two circuits over 4 miles 3.5 furlongs.

Focus will be on Tony McCoy, who won the race 19 times before and is likely to retire after this year’s race. This year he will be competing on Shutthefrontdoor, the 8-year-old horse that has not been racing since the Carlisle race last November.

However, we should not forget last year’s controversy. After all, this race, causing many deaths of horses, can be a cruel show put on for the 600 million viewers worldwide.

The Grand National is already sold out, but many pubs will be showing the race. You can, of course, also watch it in the comfort of your own home.



Do not forget to comment and share your thoughts on who will win the races. Enjoy the games!


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