Tips to make your Bonfire Night BOOM!

Set the scene

Decorate your garden and set the scene for your Bonfire Night!  Fairy lighting ideas are a great way to light up the garden and have it looking magical in preparation for your Bonfire evening. The kids will love it! Simple yet effective, they really can make all the difference!


Decorate some items that are already part of the garden and have them looking fab

Fairy lights come in different designs and colours and really do make an impact on the mood within your garden. These solar powered lights are great for energy saving ideas.

deck lighting

Jazz up your seating areas with lights  and discover simply how dazzling your garden can be at night as well as during the day!

Throwing an adult dinner party complete with Bonfire?

Here are some alternatives to the traditional Bonfire that may just change your mind.


Personalised baby bonfires aren’t for parties including children/animals, but if you are celebrating in an Adult environment these will be perfect. Dig out some ceramic plant pots from the Greenhouse, line them with tin foil and fill them with coal, toastie!


Why not jazz up the garden with a Fire pit and some hay bales. Cover the bales in blankets for a comfortable temporary seating area! Fire pits bring warmth and a warm Autumn light to any soiree, you can find these in our online store.


The new fad seems to be the Bonfire Log. It is an all-natural birch stump that is easily lit with one match! Pick yourself up a couple and spot them around the garden for an almost campfire lit effect this Bonfire Night!

These tips will really help your evening go off with a BANG and if you are feeling a little more creative, why not try your hand at photographing the fireworks display! For easy-to-use guide on photographing Fireworks, see here:



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