Top 20 Best Furniture Makeovers

Tired of your old dull furniture?

An old dresser in your living room, a side table you wouldn’t (for now) put next to your bed, a chest of drawers you found in your attic, an antique desk just bought at a flea market, or maybe just a chair that you don’t like anymore. There are so many things we’d like to change in our homes,  but something always stops us transforming our indoor spaces..
Sometimes, just a new piece is enough to make a really big difference! You don’t even need to buy new furniture: simply give a new look to your old items.

Try these furniture makeovers!

Look no more, find here inspiration for your own DIY furniture makeovers.

Drag the handle to see before & after.

# Ottoman Table

[twentytwenty]Ottoman table before Ottoman table after[/twentytwenty]

# Vintage Chair

[twentytwenty]Vintage chair before Vintage chair after[/twentytwenty]

# Desk Chair

[twentytwenty]Desk chair before Desk chair after[/twentytwenty]

# Small Dresser

[twentytwenty]Sign dresser before Sign dresser after[/twentytwenty]

# Kids Chair – by Bridgman

[twentytwenty]Bridgman chair before [/twentytwenty]

# Head & Foot End

[twentytwenty]bed before bed after[/twentytwenty]

# Pottery Dresser

[twentytwenty]Pottery desser before Pottery desser after[/twentytwenty]

# Side Table

[twentytwenty]Side table before Side table after[/twentytwenty]

# Low Coffee Table

[twentytwenty]Table bench before Table bench after[/twentytwenty]

# Bookcase

[twentytwenty]bookcase before bookcase after[/twentytwenty]

# Antique Desk

[twentytwenty]Antique desk before Antique desk after[/twentytwenty]

# Brown Chair

[twentytwenty]Chair before Chair after[/twentytwenty]

# Old Cart

[twentytwenty]cart before cart after[/twentytwenty]

# End Table

[twentytwenty]End table before End table after[/twentytwenty]

# Stain Technique

[twentytwenty]Stain technique before Stain technique after[/twentytwenty]

# Institutional Table

[twentytwenty]Traditional table before Traditional table after[/twentytwenty]

# Granny Rocker

[twentytwenty]Granny rocker before Granny rocker after[/twentytwenty]

# Director Chair

[twentytwenty]director chair before director chair after[/twentytwenty]

# Classic Chair

[twentytwenty]Classic chair before Classic chair before[/twentytwenty]

# Old Desk

[twentytwenty]Desk before Desk after[/twentytwenty]


Browsing the web looking for the best furniture makeovers, I have to say that I have been really impressed by how people can make their old furniture look brand new.
When I showed my selection to my colleague Alicia, she suddenly became so inspired… and she decided to start a new project: a makeover of a child’s rattan chair!
Can’t wait to see the final result!

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If you were inspired by any of these designs please share them below!

Pictures and tutorials:
Ottoman table:  Newlywedmcgees
Vintage chair: Two Thirtyfive designs
Desk chair: Batchelors Way
Small dresser: Lindauer Designs
Kids rattan chair: Work in Progress, subscribe to our newsletter!
Head and foot end: Better homes & gardens
Pottery barn style dresser: Southern revival
Side table: The happy housie
Low coffee table: Less than perfect Life of Bliss
Bookcase: My 1929 charmer
Antique desk: Good will glam
Brown chair: Madigan made
Old cart: Better Homes & Gardens
End table: Serenity now
Stain technique: Sawdust and Embryos
Institutional table: Better Homes & Gardens
Granny rocker: Curbly
Director chair: House of Earnest
Classic chair: Better Homes & Gardens
Old desk: Thrift Diving


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