Unusual Furniture Design Inspiration

When it comes to furniture design, sometimes imagination overcomes people’s expectations. Over the years we have seen so many weird and unusual furniture designs which may not be that practical and comfortable, but at least they look like art masterpieces. Below you will find some really weird furniture designs, categorized by their possible source of inspiration.

Furniture Inspired by…

  • Fashion
    This dressed chair idea is one way to appeal to fashion addicts. The idea was dreamt up by an interior designer from Georgia, Nata Janberidze, who said that her jacket placed on a restaurant chair was the inspiration for the project.
    Costume Dressed Chairs

    Fashion was also the source of inspiration for the designer of the Corset Table, Agnieszka Muszynska.
    Corset table by Agnieszka Muszynska
  • Animals
    Nature inspired Maximo Riera, the designer of the octopus and walrus chairs.
    Maximo Riera Octopus Chair Walrus chair Maximo Riera
  • Humanity
    Yes humanity. Even if they are not that attractive , they are still unique prototypes and completed designs. Some examples are the brain coffee table, the cell mutation couch or the foot table.
    Maarten De Ceulaer Mutation Series Weird Design Chair Foot Table by Svilen Gamolov
  • Food
    Furniture inspired by food. The brightest ideas I’ve found? The roast potato floor cushion and the fried egg inspired table.
    Baked Potato Floor Pillow WamHouse Table Egg


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