Woolly winter…

It’s time for a woolly winter – when the chill rears its ugly head we always tend to reach for something cosy, whether it is blankets or big woolly jumpers. Whether you’re lounging around or organising the study these winter warmers are there to help. If you enjoy knitting you can knit your own and templates can be found online. The UK Hand Knitting Association are just one of many websites that offer free templates. Knitting charts can also prove helpful and these can be found at your local arts and crafts shop or alternatively have a search online. Improve your home, hand them out as gifts or simply transform the children’s room with knitted decorations.

Why not have a look at this knitted furniture that may just inspire you this winter, from knitted lamp shades to full sofa sets this will be sure to have you talking!





Rachel John is a renowned extreme textile designer and is behind the some of the extraordinary extreme textile events; she also produces and sells large knitting needles.  “She discovered that by mixing anything from 5 to 1000 strands of yarn together and, with her redesigned tools for the very thick yarn and extra wide pieces, you can easily and rapidly create stunning textiles for use at home.  She says “for instance hand knit a king size throw in just 2 days or an inch thick carpet rug in 6 hours.” For more fascinating information on Rachel John take a look on her website: http://racheljohn.co.uk/About_Us.php

Hanging Around


So to Bed



These ideas set themselves apart from the obvious scarves, hats and gloves – so why don’t we all get knitting!


Image 1  Lounging

Image 2  Knitted Lamp

Image 3  Hanging Macrame chair

Image 4 And so to bed

Image 5  Flooring


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