Garden Parasols & Parasol Bases

Bridgman garden parasols complement our extensive range of garden furniture. We supply two types of garden parasol; Cantilever or centre parasol.

Cantilever parasols sit to the side of a garden furniture set and arch over, providing a large amount of shade. They are easy to manoeuvre and can be tilted at varying angles to adjust for the movement of sunlight throughout the day. Siesta and Amalfi parasols can be rotated through 360° using a swivel motion handle, allowing easy use.

We have a range of centre parasols suitable for rattan, aluminium and wooden furniture sets. For a wooden garden furniture set we recommend a Monaco parasol whilst we would recommend an aluminium parasol for our rattan or aluminium garden furniture sets. Choose from a selection of colours and sizes.

Please note: Parasol Bases must be purchased separately, they do not come with parasols.