New Products for 2017

New for 2017, we are proudly showcasing three collections of quality outdoor furniture:

Evesham, a British designed woven Rattan furniture collection. The pieces are aesthetically beautiful and shape to the contours of your back, allowing you hours of relaxing in the garden after a long week. The cushions are an attractive two-tone Platinum, one of 4 new waterproof cushion colours we have launched this year.  Visit one of our showrooms to see this collection in person.

10 years on from our last Teak collection launch (where does the time go?), we had the pleasure of crafting this natural, handsome collection. Designed by our award winning designer, the back of the chair depicts the British flora or 'leaves'. Ever the sophisticated look, Lodge doesn't hold back on the charm with it's modern retro look. But Lodge isn't all about the looks, the Teak is the finest grade you can find and it's sustainably sourced. The waterproof cushions are exclusive to Bridgman and what's more, the Pistachio cushions add a fresh vibrancy to lift the warmth. The ceramic tile table tops are impervious to the heat or the cold, take a hot dish out of the oven, or a plate off the BBQ and the ceramic won't notice a thing. It is frost resistant and impossible to scratch too! 

And that brings us onto our final announcement (for a short while)... we have a new Aluminium collection - Florence. Florence is simple in it's beauty, very much of the opinion 'less is more'. The furniture is very strong but lightweight, making it easy to use. This collection is very comfortable even without cushions and would look right at home on a modern patio or deck.

Visit one of our showrooms to see these collections and see for yourself the design, comfort and style they have to offer.

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