Waterproof Garden Furniture Cushions

Exclusive to Bridgman, available in 12 different colours

Imagine not having to worry about bringing your garden furniture cushions in every time you use them. Well, we’ve made that problem a distant memory, because Bridgman waterproof cushions can remain outdoors whatever the weather. When the cushions get dirty they are easy to clean, simply use a soft brush and warm soapy water.

The Acrylic fabric used on the cushions is completely waterproofed with a special membrane that will not let water through the outer fabric. It is also Teflon treated, making it almost impossible to stain – we’ve tested it with red wine, coffee, biro, and even pure bleach!

Whilst Bridgman waterproof cushions can be left outdoors throughout the year, we recommend storing them over the Autumn/Winter months. Inevitably anything that is left outside will get dirty, so storing them inside will ensure that less dirt accumulates, making any cleaning that is required a much easier process. Before storing don’t forget to make sure that the covers and fillings are dry.

Please note that the colours of our standard fabrics and waterproof fabrics are different and should not be used in areas where an exact match is required.

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We have spent years developing and refining an exclusive range of waterproof cushions that can remain outside throughout all weathers. Waterproof cushions are exclusive to Bridgman & are made to fit specific ranges of Bridgman garden furniture. The following collections are available with waterproof cushions:

In order for the cushions to breathe, the cushions are vented, so a small amount of moisture will be absorbed inside the covers. In normal conditions this will quickly dry out and will not be noticed. Lifting or turning cushions to allow circulation of air is recommended after extended periods of rain. In the unlikely event that the fillings become saturated the covers can be removed, to allow the fillings to fully dry. To prolong their life we recommend you store them when not in – particularly over the Autumn and Winter.