Dedicated to Quality

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality furniture. From design and crafting, to the materials we select, our promise to you is to provide beautiful, comfortable furniture that can be enjoyed for generations.

Decades of Experience

Our passion for quality has been shared with our customers for decades. We are constantly innovating and developing our knowledge, to build upon over 50 years of experience. This heritage is evident in every single piece of furniture we sell.

Expert Knowledge

Our expert advice is available to you online, in our stores or on the phone.  Our staff are passionate about making sure your furniture choice is right for you and your home, so we’ll take the time to understand what you need and always give  an honest opinion based on our experience.

Our Commitment to You

As a company with a strong family ethos, we pride ourselves on our reputation and our attention to every aspect of what we do – from the quality of our furniture to our honesty and integrity in how we look after you. We know we’re only human so when we do fall short of our own high standards, we’ll make sure it is put right efficiently and effectively. You can easily contact us by phone, email or live chat.